Thousand Oaks, for the most part, is a relatively new community and, as such missed what has become known as
Mid-Century Modern architecture.
The exception to this is the EICHLER Homes community situated on the west side of the Thousand Oaks area.


These homes, with their curious frontage, have you wondering what is beyond. And when you do find out... all the excitement of the new thinking of the Mid-Century starts to come alive.

The Thousand Oaks community of Eichler Homes is one of only two in the Los Angeles/Ventura County area. It consists of just over a hundred homes in Thousand Oaks and these few are a very sought after prize for today's Modernists. The owners in this community take pride in keeping their homes in beautiful condition and most are in keeping with the modern times, from which they came.

These homes presented are ones we felt are representative of this community and are NOT necessarily For Sale, unless so noted.
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Eichler Floor Plans

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  • The Eichler Atrium

    A signature element of these Mid-Century Moderm Homes

  • Gallery Model

    An example of a Thousand Oaks Gallery Model

  • Classic TO Eichler Model

    Another Thousand Oaks Eichler that is found in many of Joseph Eichler's communities.

  • Eichlers FOR SALE

    Currently FOR SALE in the Thousand Oaks and Granada Hills commnuities.

  • Sales History

    See what has Sold over the past decade in the Thousand Oaks Eichler community.

  • Thousand Oaks Eichler

    An Eichler homeowners presentation of some of the history and other interesting pieces.

  • Granada Hills Eichler

    A superb example of a unique Eichler built in the Granada Hills community.

  • The Glass Box

    An amazing Blog by Suzanne Dunn reflecting a huge amount of photos and memorabilia of Eichlers throughout California.

  • Cool MCM Links

    Links Eichler Fans may find Interesting

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