The EICHLER Atrium

The centerpiece of EICHLER Homes is the "atrium".  This, somewhat unique feature of these homes, plays well with the Southern California climate and, together with the floor to ceiling glass, a true feeling of seemless transition from inside and out transpires.

The construction of these homes is also unique, compared to the standard in Thousand Oaks, in that they are a "post & beam" construction with a T&G decking laid across the beams for the roof that ties it all together. Heating for the house is a radiant "hydronic" system that is laid in the slab. This system keeps an otherwise cold concrete surface nice and warm in the Winter. In the Summer, the unheated concrete slab does well to passively bring the coolness of the earth into the house. You will also notice that in almost all cases, there is no stucco used in the construction of an Eichler Home... milled vertical siding is used on the exterior and in many instances adds to the seemless transistion of inside & out by carrying through the living space between the atrium and the back yards.